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Admission is going on for the Academic year 2021-2022 from K.G. to XI standard.

General Rules

  •  Strict Adherence to discipline.

  •  The class room and School Premises must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

  •  As our medium of instruction is English. All our staff members and students are instructed to communicate in English to acquire fluency and knowledge of the language.

  •  Always maintain Personal Cleanliness and Hygiene.

  •  Students should bring School Diary everyday.

  •  Dress Code: School uniform along with ID card is mandatory.

  •  Walls, Desks and Rest room Scribblers will be dealt with Seriously and Punished with Legal Disciplinary Actions.

  •  Bringing Mobile Gadgets, CDs, USB and camera etc. to the school is strictly Prohibited.

  •  Walking in the Corridor and moving to the Classrooms or Playground must be in a Quite manner.

  •  Respect all the staff members, the visitors and the property of the School.

  •  Any belongings or articles or money should not be exchanged with any student or any staff.

  •  Its students responsibility to take care of their Note books and text books. They must bring the Note books and text books according to the time table.

  •  Students should not bring any expensive belongings. The school will not undertake responsibility for the loss of such belongings.

  •  Student must report to the school on time and Late Comers will be dealt with Seriously.

  •  Politeness must be maintained while speaking with Teachers and Elders in general.

  •  Students are not allowed to take Leave during Examination days. (Note: Emergency cases will be considered).

  •  Students have to Maintain Silence during Class Hours, especially they should not give chorus answers. They have to raise their hands to answer.

  •  Always aim for full Attendance and Punctuality so that they get the best out of the school.

  •  All Students Assessment Progress Report should be duly signed by the Parent / Guardian and returned to the respective Class Teacher without fail.

  •  Work smart and give your best to the Society. Understand your Parents, Teachers and School effort towards your Empowerment and Remember that our Nation expects a lot from you.

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